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The topics of relevance for the conference papers include but not limited to the following:

Advanced Materials Science

Advanced Textile Materials

Biological medical materials

Development Engineering of Gas Well and Field

Electronic Materials

Ferrous Metallurgy

Function test and evaluation technology for material analysis

Hybrid Optical materials (organic/inorganic)

Laser Processing Technology

Low Cost Packaging Methods

Magnetic Materials

Materials Chemistry

Materials Forming

Materials Machining

Materials Physics

Materials Processing Technology

Metallurgical Environmental Engineering

Metallurgical Machinery and Automation

Metallurgical Physical Chemistry

Metallurgical Reaction Engineering

Metallurgical Thermal Engineering


Metallurgy Materials and Pretreatment

Metallurgy of Non-ferrous Metals

Metallurgy, Materials Science and Engineering

Microelectronic Materials

Microwave Processing of Materials

Mine survey and Safety Engineering

Mineral Processing

Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Mining Environmental Engineering

Mining Surface Engineering

Modeling and simulation of materials and devices

Nanotechnology and Materials

New Functional materials

Petroleum and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

Petroleum Machinery and Equipment

Processing technology for Functional materials

Quantum modulation based on superconductors, semiconductor and magnets

Semi-conductor Materials

Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems

Surface Engineering/Coatings

Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials

Welding and Joining